Thomas Couronne
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I am Research Scientist at Orange Labs / France Telecom R&D, In the SENSe Lab [ Sociology and Economy of Networks and Services].

My research are focused on computational social sciences, from cognitive process modelling to social networks sciences. I would say that it deals mainly with the concept of collective intelligence: how to detect weak signals from collective behaviours.

After having worked at the individual scale (cognitive psychologie), at a microsociale scale (social networks), i am now interested in studying macroscale behaviours, i.e. the mobility patterns and the self-synchrony between groups of humans. All theses fields can be considered to be a part of the now famous and breaking sciences of complexity.

I have recently co authored papers with Jean-Samuel Beuscart (ENS Cachan & France Telecom) and Alina Stoica (Liafa & France Telecom).


flag To Be a Star Is Not Only Metaphoric: From Popularity to Social Linkage
as author at  4th International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), Washington 2010,