Roja Bandari
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I am a PhD candidate at the Complex Networks / Data Mining Group at UCLA, working with Professor Vwani Roychowdhury. My research interests lie in areas related to data mining and statistics, more specifically social computing and complex networks. I’m most intrigued by news content and the way it is created and spread on the web and my research projects have mainly involved information diffusion and clustering of networks.

I am currently working on two projects. One is on clustering of bipartite graphs on a dataset from a social news site with story submission and voting systems. My other project is on story morphologies for the purpose of culture detection.

My previous research was on the diffusion of event-specific information on Twitter. My latest project during an internship in the summer of 2011 at HP Labs Social Computing Group was on the prediction of news story popularity on Twitter. It was recently featured in The Atlantic, Mashable, MIT’s Technology Review, and a few other websites. I’m presenting it at ICWSM and looking forward to the conference and to visiting one of my favorite countries, Ireland.

I recently initiated a reading group on Social Computing with the help of Chien-Ju Ho at UCLA. I mentor two bright undergraduate students and I will be a mentor to a group of interns at the RIPS 2012 program of the Institute for Pure and Apllied Mathematics this summer.


flag Blind Men and the Elephant: Detecting Evolving Groups In Social News
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