Robert Reinhardt
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AlgEn, d.o.o. founder and chief executive officer, an entrepreneur with more than 30 years of research and business experience. As a mathematician by background, he became interested in algal technology from both the business and research perspective. Previous posts include research in computer science at Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, founder and CEO of a system integration and software development company, managing its growth from 5 to 80 employees, and its merger into international system integrator. He was then active as a consultant and/or business angel in Moje Delo, the premier slovenian online employment portal, at, an internet service provider in its financial reorganization and merger into Sinfonika, in a slovenian-romanian renewable energy and agricultural company Slorom, and many others. Other activities include flying, diving, sailing.


flag Svečana otvoritev
as introducer at  RTK 2016 - Tekmovanje ACM v znanju računalništva in informatike,
flag Algna biomasa, dragocen vir surovin in energije
as author at  Predavanja na Nacionalnem inštitutu za biologijo, Ljubljana,
together with: Borut Lazar,