Pertti Huuskonen
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Pertti Huuskonen is Principal Scientist with Nokia Research Center, Tampere, Finland. His research interests include context awareness, ubiquitous computing, and knowledge representation, with applications in the domains of mobile multimedia, personal content management, and mobile interaction. He holds a doctorate from University of Oulu.

In the nineties Pertti was busy applying AI techniques to industrial control problems at VTT, Finland. There he had the opportunity to observe design and operation issues of very complex systems, including power plants, telecom networks, paper machines, or steel mills, and seek knowledge-based solutions to help their users. While Pertti was diagnosing particle accelerator control systems at CERN in the early 1990s, he witnessed the birth of the WWW but, incredibly, predicted the Web would never be used outside the lab. This glorious failure seems to keep him obsessed with observing, analyzing and forecasting developments in our digital lives.

In 1997 Pertti joined Nokia to promote ubicomp and context awareness technologies in the emerging mobile phone business. After a decade of research and development, he is excited to see such technologies becoming available to billions of mobile device users. To spread the word, he co-authored the book “Personal Content Experience”, published by Wiley&Sons. Explore his darker side at

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