Paolo Viappiani
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From 2008 to August 2010 I was a postdoc at the University of Toronto working with Craig Boutilier on topics of utility elicitation, decision making under uncertainty and optimization. I hold a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (obtained in 2007). My interests are within the following areas: recommender systems, constraint and planning systems, personal agents, preferences and user modeling, intelligent interfaces, machine learning, adaptive systems.

I am currently investigating preference reasoning and elicitation for automatic tools like personal agents or recommender systems. In our opinion, preference-elicitation should be open-ended allowing a diversity of modalites to acquire user models and target recommendations. Users should be allowed to state preferences in a way that is natural and convenient to them. At the same time, AI systems need to optimize their actions reasoning with a partial model of the user preferences or utility function.


demonstration video
flag Optimal Bayesian Recommendation Sets and Myopically Optimal Choice Query Sets
as coauthor at  Video Journal of Machine Learning Abstracts - Volume 1,