Gerhard Budin
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Gerhard Budin holds a PhD in linguistics and a Master's degree in translation studies. Gerhard Budin is full professor at the University of Vienna and chair of terminology studies and translation technologies. He is director (faculty dean) of the Center of Translation Studies at the University of Vienna.

His research interests include cross-cultural knowledge communication and knowledge organization, language engineering, translation technologies, and knowledge engineering, epistemology of eLearning and of collaborative work systems, terminology studies, ontology engineering, EcoInformatics, translation theory, and philosophy of science.

For the last 20 years he has been active in national, European, and international research projects in the areas mentioned above. He has also been co-ordinator of major projects funded by the European Commission in the fields of language and knowledge engineering, eLearning, digital cultural heritage systems, EcoInformatics, etc. One of the most relevant current projects is called "Knowledge Experts" (co-funded by the European Social Fund), where a multi-disciplinary research group is developing innovative curricula for key knowledge competences on the basis of digital literacy and collaborative literacy. Another research project initiated by G. Budin is focusing on epistemic processes, knowledge acquisition, and collaborative work in E-Learning environments. Further current projects are: DYNAMONT (Dynamic Ontology Engineering, in the Semantic Systems Programme of the Austrian Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Transport), LIRICS (Linguistic Infrastructure for Interoperable Resource and Systems) in the eContent Programme, EURIDICE (EUropean Recommended materIals for Distance learning Courses for Educator) in the eTen Programme, WIN (Wide Area Network for Risk Management), an Integrated Project in the 6th Framework Programme (in the area "ICT for the Environment"), and many other projects.

Gerhard Budin is vice-president of the German chapter of the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO), vice-president of the International Institute for Terminology Research, and member of the board of the Karl Popper Institute. He is chair of a technical committee in the International Standards Organization (ISO) focusing on terminology and cultural diversity management (ISO/TC 37/SC 2).


flag Terminologies for the Multilingual Semantic Web - Evaluation of Standards in the light of current and emerging needs
as author at  W3C Workshop: A Local Focus for the Multilingual Web, Limerick 2011,