Ernst Kruijff
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I am a senior researcher at the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision, Graz University of Technology.

My research areas are 3D User Interfaces (3DUI) for virtual and mixed environments, human factors and ergonomics, distributed systems, and a bit of robotics and mechatronics. I have coordinated multiple scientific projects and designed, developed, and evaluated a variety of 3D input devices and displays. In addition I have taught courses at universities and conferences (including ACM SIGGRAPH and CHI) in the areas of 3DUI, virtual reality, modeling and animation, and general human-computer interaction themes, and supervised multiple students.

I enjoy investigating new ways of interaction that enrich our daily life. I try to design interfaces for user experience, offering compelling ways to perform "normal" actions, or doing more extraordinary things. All with the human in mind... a human being has enormous capabilities which are still hardly used in our current interfaces.

I have published a multitude of refereed publications and, together with Doug Bowman, Joseph LaViola and Ivan Poupyrev, authored the book 3D User Interfaces: Theory and Practice, published in 2004 by Addison-Wesley. Furthermore, I am actively serving a large number of programm and review committees.

I am a member of ACM, IEEE and igroup.


flag On-Site Monitoring of Environmental Processes using Mobile Augmented Reality (HYDROSYS)
as author at  Environmental Information Systems and Services (ENVIP): Infrastructures and Platforms Workshop, Bonn 2010,