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Open Education Eduscope 2020

The University of Nova Gorica (UNG) and the UNESCO Chair on Open Technologies for OER and Open Learning at the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) are announcing Open Education for a Better World Eduscope, which took place from June 29 - July 02, 2020.

This event builds upon and extends the scope of the last two successful Open Education Design – Course for Practitioners held in Vipava, Slovenia in 2018 and 2019. It aims at contributing to the implementation of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Educational Resources (OER). At the same time, we believe that it will foster further growth of the OE4BW community, resulting in new collaborations and many new projects with a great impact. When implemeting UN goals of sustainable development, every single step counts. We wish you a lot of success on this way, hoping that you will find the OE4BW 2020 Eduscope as a good source of information and inspiration.



50 views, 30:52  
flagAI in EducationAI in Education
John Shawe-Taylor John Shawe-Taylor
comments2 comments 


19 views, 23:46  
flagWelcome by the OE4BW program chairsWelcome by the OE4BW program chairs
Tanja Urbančič, Mitja Jermol Tanja Urbančič, Mitja Jermol


9 views, 07:20  
flagPericyclic reactionsPericyclic reactions
Lakshmy Ravishankar Lakshmy Ravishankar
2 views, 08:49  
Fernando Daguanno Fernando Daguanno
votesvotesvotesvotesvotes 39 views, 11:43  
flagCinema in the ClassroomCinema in the Classroom
Subha das Mollick Subha das Mollick
comments17 comments 
13 views, 06:20  
flagNursing PharmacologyNursing Pharmacology
Kimberley Ernstmeyer Kimberley Ernstmeyer


4 views, 43:17  
flagConnecting and Recognizing the Global Open Education CommunityConnecting and Recognizing the Global Open Education Community
Paul Stacey, Alan Levine, Marcela Morales Barragán Paul Stacey, Alan Levine, Marcela Morales Barragán
9 views, 23:55  
flagCrosscultural MentoringCrosscultural Mentoring
Rekha Chavhan, Helen DeWaard Rekha Chavhan, Helen DeWaard


4 views, 09:40  
flagWelcome addressWelcome address
Tanja Urbančič, Mitja Jermol, Silvo Škornik Tanja Urbančič, Mitja Jermol, Silvo Škornik
11 views, 08:14  
flagMeet the World of energyMeet the World of energy
Melita Lenošek Kavčič Melita Lenošek Kavčič
9 views, 11:23  
flagiEnergy Open LibraryiEnergy Open Library
Mojca Drevenšek Mojca Drevenšek
comments1 comment 


OE4BW 2021


8 views, 33:33  
Simona Kustec Lipicer, Zeynep Varoglu Simona Kustec Lipicer, Zeynep Varoglu
1 view, 1:47:01  
flagEduscope Highlights, Summaries, Closing Eduscope Highlights, Summaries, Closing
Mitja Jermol, Chrissi Nerantzi, et al. Mitja Jermol, Chrissi Nerantzi, Tanja Urbančič, Zoraini Wati Abas, Shironica P. Karunanayaka, Jayashree Shinde, Paulina Pannen, Sameer Sahasrabudhe
16 views, 13:37  
flag"This is how I want to learn""This is how I want to learn"
Rok Milavec, Van Jermol, Katarina Božič Rok Milavec, Van Jermol, Katarina Božič
comments4 comments 
6 views, 1:14:01  
Tanja Urbančič, Mitja Jermol, et al. Tanja Urbančič, Mitja Jermol, Paulina Pannen, Shironica P. Karunanayaka, Zoraini Wati Abas, Sameer Sahasrabudhe, Jayashree Shinde


12 views, 56:29  
flagMaster in Leadership in Open EducationMaster in Leadership in Open Education
Tanja Urbančič, Mitja Jermol, et al. Tanja Urbančič, Mitja Jermol, Tel Amiel, Larry Cooperman, Dominic Orr

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