Doris van Halem
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Doris van Halem (Eindhoven, 1981) started at the Delft University of Technology in September 2000 to study Civil Engineering. In the first year of her MSc studies she participated in a multidisciplinary coastal resources project in Colombo (Sri Lanka) together with three other students. A year later, she worked in Benin (West Africa) for three months during her internship to assist in the implementation of ‘slow sand filtration on community scale’.

Doris graduated in November 2006 on the subject of ‘Ceramic silver impregnated pot filter for household drinking water treatment in developing countries’ with prof. ir. J.C. van Dijk.

In January 2007 she started her PhD research at the TU Delft in close cooperation with UNESCO-IHE.


flag Civiele gezondheidstechniek
as author at  TU Delft OCW: Inleiding Watermanagement (CT3011),
together with: Hans van Dijk,