Dick K.P. Yue
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Dick K.P. Yue is the Philip J. Solondz Professor of Engineering, and Professor of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering at MIT.

He serves as the Director for International Programs for the School of Engineering , and co-Chair of the Institute-wide MIT Global Council. Professor Yue is also the MIT Director for the Singapore-MIT Alliance, and the co-Director for the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology. He considers himself “first and foremost a researcher and educator,” but his position in the MIT administration affords him numerous opportunities to make an impact Institute-wide.

Professor Yue is a long-time MIT'er, having received all his degrees (S.B., S.M. and Sc.D./Ph.D.) from MIT. He has been a faculty member in Ocean Engineering (part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering) since 1983. He is active in research and teaching in marine fluid mechanics and ocean engineering, fields of interest that are fundamental to broad classes of problems ranging from coastal and offshore development to understanding the role of oceans in global warming; and he supervises an active research group of over 20 members, directing the Vortical Flow Research Laboratory and co-directing the Ocean Engineering Towing Tank facility. His main research contributions are in theoretical and computational hydrodynamics, and he is internationally recognized for his expertise on ocean and coastal wave dynamics and for his extensive work in nonlinear wave mechanics, large-amplitude motions and loads on ships and offshore structures, making seminal contributions in developing numerical methods for these types of problems. Professor Yue has also made fundamental contributions to the understanding of hydrodynamics of fish swimming, overturning a century-old design paradigm for underwater vehicles and ushering in a new era of applying biomimetic principles to man-made marine designs. Professor Yue has also made seminal contributions to the study of free-surface vortical and turbulent flows, the complex mechanisms at the air-sea interface and their effects on interfacial processes. He has authored/co-authored more than two hundred papers and a two-volume textbook on wave hydrodynamics and ocean fluid mechanics.

Professor Yue served as Associate Dean of Engineering from 1999-2007 (the number two person in the MIT's Office of the Dean of Engineering), and was actively engaged in the overall administration of the School and in its pioneering educational and research initiatives. During that time, he was the originator of the MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) concept and its formulation and played a major role in its adoption by MIT, and in its successful funding and implementation. Recently, MIT celebrated the significant milestone of publishing 1,800 courses online, which is effectively every subject MIT teaches: all undergraduate and graduate courses from every school and department. MIT OCW has impacted many millions of educators, students and self-learners nationally and internationally from every country and continent. Professor Yue was also the Founding Faculty Director of the Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (UPOP), a program that is transforming engineering education by providing sophomores with special training and industry-based work experiences. UPOP addresses the core issue of the lack of immediate job readiness in traditional engineering education, and promotes the future success and leadership of MIT's engineering graduates. UPOP now enrolls close to half of all engineering majors, with an objective to benefit effectively all of MIT's graduates in the foreseeable future. Professor Yue also helped create and served as the Founding Faculty Director of MIT's Professional Educational Programs (PEP) office, consolidating many of MIT's existing activities in this area under one organization, and creating a focal point for developing new professional and custom educational programs and offerings. In 2008, in recognition of these and other wide-ranging activities benefiting MIT, Professor Yue received the prestigious Gordon Y. Billard Award for services of outstanding merit to the Institute.

Professor Yue is married to the former Miss Eva H. Wu. They have four children: Kevin Paul, Teresa Grace, Emily Joyce, and Brian John. The Yues reside in Weston , Massachusetts .


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