Daniel G. Bobrow
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Daniel G. Bobrow is a Research Fellow in the Intelligent Systems Laboratory of the Palo Alto Research Center, and a member of the Natural Language Theory and Technology Area. He received his PhD in Artificial Intelligence from MIT, and has over 100 published papers and books. Topics include programming languages (Lisp, Logo, Loops, Common Lisp Object System), computer-supported collaborative work (Colab, Paper Intermedium), and more recently, community knowledge systems that require participatory social and technical design (Pueblo, Eureka, RDC), and natural language and knowledge-based question-answering (Student, KRL, GUS, Bridge).


locked flag AAAI-11 25 th Conference Anniversary Panel
as author at  25th AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, San Francisco 2011,
together with: Manuela M. Veloso (moderator), Ronald J. Brachman, Edward Feigenbaum, Kenneth Forbus, Eric Horvitz, Henry Kautz, Edwina Rissland, David Waltz, Bruce G. Buchanan, Bonnie Webber,