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This is the COIN SP7 training section of the COIN IP project. For your training and educational purposes you are most welcome to make use of the the following materials:

  • COIN SP7 courses which present the training activities which are parallel, yet synergistic with respect to the current training activities of the COIN project
  • COIN video lectures which are given by COIN researchers and by other researchers working in the same and related fields

Each course consists of 4 elements, including:

  • reading material
  • recommended video lectures
  • additional materials
  • possibility of interaction with community tutors

The COIN SP7 users gain their knowledge about COIN in the COIN KSC which is an open and proactive community of all the main SP7 target groups:

  • IT industrialists, academics, IT user industries, public organisations, media, telecommunication industry, NGOs
  • Researchers, Industrialists, Academics, National, Regional economic development and innovation agencies
  • Top level strategists, key decision makers and web/IT experts from CEE region from the domains: Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Web 2.0 & Social Media, Content Management, Connectivity & Hosting

The KSC is generally open to debates and comment interaction. Check the comment box below

1. Motivation for the paradigm

This first unit aims at creating a motivation for the curriculum through a brief presentation of application areas, illustrated by concrete examples in industry, services, government, etc. Download course - Motivation for the paradigm

Additional resources:

Basic video lectures:

2. Basic Concepts

After the motivation phase, the base COIN concepts are introduced. The various innovative concepts and models developed in COIN for the SMEs as well as the roles the project actors can play are identified. Download course - Basic concepts

Additional resources:

Basic video lectures:

3. Enterprise Interoperability

After the motivation phase and the COIN basic concepts are introduced, the base concepts of Enterprise Interoperability are explained in connection to clusters and distributed organizations. Download course - Enterprise Interoperability

Additional resources:

Basic video lectures:

4. Virtual Organisation Breeding Environment

Course on the main elements of the VBE that are studied in COIN featuring theoretical and practical business examples from the field. Download course - VO Breeding Environment

Additional resources:

Basic video lectures:

5. Virtual Organizations

Course on the concept and structure of VOs creation rules and functionalities, the continuous life cycle of the Virtual Organization creation with its creation, formation, breeding environment, and dissolution into its next life cycle phase. Download course - Virtual Organizations

Additional resources:

Basic video lectures:

6. Virtual Communities

In this course is shown the basic knowledge on Virtual Communities, the concept of Professional Virtual Communities that is being explored in COIN. A typology of VC is introduced and a particular attention is devoted to Professional Virtual Communities. Download course - Virtual Communities

Additional resources:

Basic video lectures:

7. Architectures and Platforms

Focusing on research coordination in the area of Architecture & Platforms. Show basic internet and computer technologies, ideas, and concepts for enterprise interoperability purposes and to continue on updating with state-of-the-art models, approaches and mechanisms. Download course - Architectures and Platforms

Basic video lectures:

8. Background Technologies

This course presents and explains core technologies from the area of knowledge technologies. The course shows applications where COIN users can benefit from these technologies. Download course - Background Technologies

Additional resources:

Basic video lectures:

9. COIN Solution

This is one of the main courses in COIN training programmes. It is aimed at presenting COIN innovative solutions that will be developed in the frame of the project. Download course - COIN solution

Basic video lectures:

10. Practical Examples and COIN prototypes

In this course the practical examples of COIN prototypes will be demonstrated and explained together with some applications that are related to the COIN research domain. The course has been supplemented with COIN-EEU hands-on workshops for participants to deal with concrete examples from their work context. Download course - Practical Examples and COIN prototypes

  • Use scenarios,
  • Case studies and best practices,
  • Demonstrators,
  • Demos,
  • Prototypes

11. EEU Interoperability and Collaboration

In this course we will present an analysis of the situation regarding the status of clusters, enterprises and SMEs in the Enlarged European Union with special interest in the COIN-EEU partner institutions. An attempt will be made to oversee national legislation concerning the usage of the Coin platform and Industry section regarding the usage of the COIN services and try to understand the dynamics of bringing the EEU SMEs in connection to the already established SMEs in the Western market.Download course - EEU Interoperability and Collaboration

  • Status overview for clusters,
  • SMEs,
  • Industry relevant for COIN,
  • Business models perspectives,
  • National legislation,
  • Collaboration and interoperability of EEU SMEs on a global scale

Additional resources:

Basic video lectures:

12. COIN Platform Specific Business Models for EEU

In this course we will revise the current situation concerning ways to explore different business plan scenarios for the COIN platform, targeting especially the East-West market possibilities and understanding ways for the COIN platform implementation models within those business plans.Download course - COIN Platform Specific Business Models for EEU

  • Business strategy for COIN implementation,
  • Market research (Eastern and Western Europe),
  • Competitors analysis (Eastern and Western Europe),
  • COIN implementation models

Basic video lectures:

13. e-Commerce and e-Markets

This course will in particular investigate aspects related to the economics and the incentives behind Interoperability. We will also present issues of costs and benefits associated to developing, deploying or maintaining architecture, platforms and systems at enterprise level. hhttp

Basic video lectures:

14. Non-Technological Issues

In this unit social, ethical, legal, and organizational issues are discussed and current trends pointed out.Download course - Non Technological Issues - course ]]

  • Social issues
  • Ethical issues
  • Legal issues
  • Organizational issues
  • Contractual issues
  • New business models
  • Sustainability mechanisms
  • Intellectual property management

Basic video lectures:

15. Participation in Framework Programmes (FP7)

COIN SP7 is also aimed to facilitate the access of EEU research organisations in the EU research arena, in the EC and EI domain. In this unit proposal writing techniques for successful collaboration and competitiveness within FP7 programmes will be presented. Also the financial, managerial and organisational structures of EU ICT projects will be presented. Download course - Participation in Framework Programmes (FP7) - course

  • General provisions,
  • Proposal writing techniques,
  • Budget,
  • Funding schemes,
  • Financial rules/forms of grant,
  • Research themes,
  • Eligible countries,
  • Eligible consortia,
  • IPR

EI/EC related research projects:

Basic video lectures:

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