Bryan Moser
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Bryan Moser founded Global Project Design (GPD) in 1999 to bring collaborative design methods to businesses struggling with complex initiatives and programs.

In 1995, Moser was invited as a visiting researcher in the Precision Machinery Engineering Department at the University of Tokyo, where he is currently a doctoral candidate. With colleagues at MIT, the University of Connecticut and the University of Tokyo, he launched a research group focused on theory, method, case validation and tools for the coordination of globally distributed teams. United Technologies Corporation (UTC) hired Moser in 1991 to develop a strategy for UTC research presence in Asia. Previously, in 1989, he was one of the first foreign engineers at the Basic Scientific Laboratory of Nissan in Japan.

Moser earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering in 1987 and a master’s degree in technology and policy in 1989, both from MIT. While at MIT, Bryan received the Karl Taylor Compton Award, Hugh Hampton Young Fellowship, and the Alumni Award for Excellence in Technology and Policy.


flag Technology, Policy and Education: Leaders in Technology and Policy
as author at  MIT World Series: TPP 30th Anniversary Celebration,
together with: Frank R. Field (moderator), Nicholas Mabey, Jessica Stern,