Brad Feld
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Brad Feld has been a self-described nerd since boyhood, an auspicious beginning to his trajectory from software developer to tech consultant to entrepreneur to venture capitalist.

MIT proved a natural melding of Feld's longtime and evolving interests in computer science and business. Even before completing his graduate degree, his first company, Feld Technologies, was established. Since then he has had a hand in more than 100 companies, including serving on the boards of over a dozen. Feld is also a member of the Dean's Advisory Council at MIT Sloan.

Feld is an insatiable reader, dedicated blogger, art collector, and forward thinker. As a marathoner, his goal is to participate in races in all 50 states and on every continent before age 50. Not least, Feld is a philanthropist, supporting causes in education, environment, arts, and women’s issues. He makes his home in both Colorado and Alaska.


flag Software Innovation—Do You Think the Last 20 Years Were Exciting? The Next 20 Years Will Blow Your Mind
as author at  MIT World Series: Back to the Classroom 2008,