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AquaSmart Interviews

AquaSmart interviews are considered to be produced to support the project dissemination effort. Video is a massive communication instrument to create impact and information about the AquaSmart project and it is also an immediate, easy to understand tool.


ESRDublin2015: Theme 4 – Big Data: A Future Perspective for First Responders

[syn]  1436 views, 08:17  
flagTheme IntroductionTheme Introduction
Maria Eugenia Beltrán Jaunsaras Maria Eugenia Beltrán Jaunsaras
[syn]  1475 views, 13:35  
flagExperiences in AquacultureExperiences in Aquaculture
Kostas Seferis, Dudley Dolan Kostas Seferis, Dudley Dolan
1651 views, 17:06  
flagTheme 4 Panel Questions and AnswersTheme 4 Panel Questions and Answers
Maria Eugenia Beltrán Jaunsaras, Steven Davy, et al. Maria Eugenia Beltrán Jaunsaras, Steven Davy, Kostas Seferis, Dudley Dolan, Ray Walshe


Aquasmart Exhibition

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