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ACUNS 23rd Annual Meeting: New Security Challenges 2010 - Vienna   

The Academic Council on the United Nations System 23rd Annual Meeting

Citizens, governments and international organizations are confronted with an array of security challenges, including new forms of terrorism and international criminal activity; security implications of environmental degradation; instability in the financial system; militarization of space; unregulated flows of small arms; nuclear technologies and illicit goods; and fragile and failing states. These security dilemmas require innovative thinking beyond traditional national security approaches. Our conference brings together a diverse group of academics and policy practitioners to examine these 21st century challenges and explore responses.

More about ACUNS 23rd Annual Meeting can be found here.

This video documentation of ACUNS AM 2010 has been financially supported by ASO Ljubljana in the context of ASO Lectures Programme.


Opening Ceremony

Keynote Speaker

Welcome Address - Austrian Parliament

[syn]  2491 views, 06:54  
Barbara Prammer Barbara Prammer

Plenary I - An Agenda for Human Rights

[syn]  2901 views, 50:41  
Mary Robinson, Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, et al. Mary Robinson, Paulo Sérgio Pinheiro, Saad Eddin Ibrahim, Manfred Nowak, Bertrand G. Ramcharan

Plenary II - The UN Under Fire

[syn]  2599 views, 27:54  
Lakhdar Brahimi, Jan Egeland, et al. Lakhdar Brahimi, Jan Egeland, Edward Mortimer, Abiodun Williams, David Dadge

Plenary III - Nuclear and Small Arms Proliferation

[syn]  2779 views, 22:38  
Hans Blix, Sarah Masters, et al. Hans Blix, Sarah Masters, Ramesh Thakur, Tibor Tóth, Heinz Gaertner

John W. Holmes Memorial Lecture

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