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NGSchool 2019 - Białobrzegi, Poland   

Next Generation School, Machine Learning for Biomedicine

Advances in biological and medical technologies drive continuous generation of large amounts of biomedical Big Data. European Nucleotide Archive stores 260 million sequences comprising 339 trillion nucleotides. This will double in less than 3 years if the current rate of growth is sustained! Given the exponential progress in sequencing technology the increase will only get steeper, entailing an intensified demand for experts in NGS data analysis. Big Data requires applying new solution to leverage its potential. Machine Learning (ML) is the answer to the increased complexity of research problems in science, industry and in everyday life. It is our conviction that knowledge of the ML techniques is a crucial skill every data scientist should acquire throughout their training.

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lockedflagPanel Discussion: ML & ethicsPanel Discussion: ML & ethics
Guillaume Filion, Noura Al Moubayed, et al. Guillaume Filion, Noura Al Moubayed, Robert Loftin, Ron Schwessinger

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